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Archive photos

Many more photographs are taken of activities and exhibits at quarterly meetings. outings and seminars than can possibly be published in the Bulletin. So here we will have most of the photos taken during the year. They are grouped into "Albums" but not otherwise labelled ( it's too much work!!) .

For your information - the photos originated from a vaiety of sources: Negatives, prints, Picture CD, or digital camera files. The image resolution and size varies considerably between sources and we have therefore re-sized most to fit inside a 1200x800 block. They are saved as JPEG images at a compression to give a file size of about 80K.

A few are larger than this to enhance detail or if they took my fancy!

The photo numbers have no significance except to distinguish between them within an album

In response to several requests and now that we have a bit more space I shall be resurrecting old photo albums - from as far back as I am able. This will be a lengthy project and will be done in the order in which I can access the originals in my digital archives!

These photos are deliberately reproduced at low resolution and are unsuitable for printing.

ALL the images are Copyright ©SOT and you may only copy or publish them with the permission of the Society - seek it via the 'Contact Us' link above

Instructions for using the new gallery

(Note that there is an abbreviated Help page accessible from within the gallery - click 'Gallery Help' on any gallery page.)

When you click on the link below you will open the new gallery page. You will be presented with thumbnails listing all the Albums of Photos currently loaded as in the example below.

galhelp02 (106K)

Click on the Album of your choice and you will be presented with thumbnails of all the photos in that Album listed over several pages. Scan throught the pages by clicking on the page numbers at bottom right (there are 9 photos per page) as shown below

galhelp05 (45K)

Click on a thumbnail image and you will be taken to a new page with a larger size version as shown below.

galhelp01 (55K)

You can move from image to image by using the "VCR" controls at top right:

galhelp04 (8K)

or by using the left and right arrows of the filmstrip below to scroll through the photos in the Album then clicking the one you want.

Clicking on the current image will open a new window with a full size version (if there is one - you can tell if there is one if when you move your mouse pointer onto the photo it changes to a hand).

You may use the normal windows facilities to enlarge this window or to scroll over the larger image. To close this window click anywhere on the photo.

galhelp03 (132K)

If you wish to see an automatic slide show of all the photos (starting with the current photo) click the movie camera icon at top left.

galhelp07 (8K)

The slideshow will continuously cycle through all the photos. To stop the slideshow click on "Stop Slideshow" at the bottom of the page.

galhelp06 (44K)

Hope you enjoy. Send your feedback via the 'Contact Us' link above.

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