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The Literature of Ornamental Turning
Short Bibliography

The greatest work on ornamental turning is:

"Turning and Mechanical Manipulation" by Charles & John Jacob Holtzapffel (5 vols. 1843 - 1897).
Volume 5, entitled "The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning " ( Reprint ISBN 0-486-26567-6) is considered to be the &lsqo;bible’ of Ornamental Turning but there is much related information in the other volumes. (V1-V3 ISBN 1-85761-031-8 & V4 ISBN 0-486-26567-9)

Other useful books include:- 

    J H Evans         "Ornamental Turning"        1886 (Reprint 1993 ISBN 1-879335-35-2)
    J Lukin           "The Lathe & Its Uses"      1868 (Reprint ISBN 1-879335-49-2)
    T D Walshaw       "Ornamental Turning"        1990 (Reprint 1994 ISBN 1-85486-108-5)

A comprehensive bibliography is contained in:-

Abell,Leggat & Ogden "A Bibliography of the Art of Turning & Lathe & Machine Tool History"

Also of particular interest to ornamental turners are:-
Alabone E W.        Multi-Epicycloidal and other Geometric Curves                        n.d.
Amateur Mechanical Society   The Quarterly Journal of the                                1871-1887
American Machinist magazine							
Ash, J                Double Counting on the Lathe, The Art of                           1857
Bazley, T S           Epicycloidal Cutting Frame, Notes on the                           1872
Bazley, T S           Geometric Chuck, Index to the                                      1875
Bergeron, P Hamelin   Manuel du Tourneur                                                 1792
Brown, E E & C        Polychromatic Assembly for Wood Turning                            1973
Campin, F             Hand-turning, Practice of                                          1861
Chaplin C H           Ornamental Lathework for Amateurs                                c.1914	
Danilevskii, V. V.    English translation of AK Nartov'sTheatrum Machinarum              1964
Diderot, D            Encyclopedie des Arts et des Metiers (Vol X. L'Art du Tourneur)    1772
Edwards, John F.      Holtzapffel Volume VI, a compendium of rare or previously
                      unpublished material related to Ornamental Turning.                2013
Edwards, R            Micro-computer Art                                                 1985
Elphinstone, H W      Patterns for Turning                                               1872
Engineering magazine                                                                     1886-1953
Engleheart, N B       Eccentric Turning, a Concise Treatise on                           1852
English Mechanic & World of Science magazine                                             1865-1956
Evans, J H            Ornamental Turning                                                 1886
Ferraglio, P L.       English translation of Plumier's L'Art de Tourner                  1975
Gilbert,K.R.          Early Machine Tools (Science Museum)                               1975
Grace, G A            Art and Craft of Ornamental Turning,The                            1961
Grace, G A            Ornamental Turning Design                                          1923
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Holtzapffel & Co.     Catalogue                                                          n.d.
Holtzapffel, C & J J  Turning & Mechanical Manipulation (5 vols)                         1843-1894
Ibbetson, J H         Eccentric Circular Turning, Specimens in                           1817
Ibbetson, J H         Geometric Chuck, A Brief Account of Ibbetson's                     1833
Knox, F M             Ornamental Turnery                                                 1986
Lukin, J              Lathe & Its Uses, The                                              1868
Lukin, J              Turning Lathes                                                     1888
Lukin, J              Turning for Amateurs                                               1873
Lukin, J              Possibilities of Small Lathes                                      1905
Maurice, K            Sovereigns as Turners                                              1985
Mechanics magazine                                                                       1823-1872
Model Engineer magazine          [View  O.T. References]                                 1923-date
Moxon, J              Mechanick Exercises                                                1703
Northcott, W H        Lathes and Turning, A Treatise on                                  1868
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Oliver-Gascoigne, M I Handbook of Turning, The                                           1842
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Tweddle, N            Rose Engine Lathe, its History, Development and Modern Use, The    1954
Walshaw, T D          Ornamental Turning                                                 1981
Woodbury, R S         History of the Lathe to 1850                                       1961

The Literature of Ornamental Turning
The S.O.T. Bulletin

The current issue is Bulletin No.123 and here is the contents list:-

Contents of Bulletin No 123

The Bulletin - Compact Discs

The bulletins contain articles on many aspects of the craft, including the description of recent developments in OT techniques, the adaptation of modern machinery, inventions of new apparatus, instructions for making special accessories for the lathe, hundreds of inspirational pictures of ornamentally turned objects and a wide variety of uncommon information on all matters pertaining to OT.

Printed copies of the early bulletins are quite scarce and there are very few complete sets still in existence. So this knowledge was beyond the reach of many who could benefit from it; that is, until 1998 when the first 98 issues of the bulletin were re-published in the form of a Compact Disc. In the same year a CD was made of high quality copies of the photographs from the first 60 Bulletins.

And now we have updated the Bulletin collection on CD to issue 109. This new CD, a joint effort by Peter Johnson and Harry Powell, contains the full text and photos of bulletins 99 to 109 in ©Adobe pdf format. . see below


Society of Ornamental Turners - Compact Disc I

The Bulletins published from 1948 to 1998 (numbered 1-98) are available on this Compact disc The disc is readable on all ©IBM-PC-compatible and ©Apple-Mac computers. On it you will find ©Adobe Acrobat versions of every page of every bulletin from number 1 to number 98.
In addition the disc contains copies of three other rare and important treatises on ornamental turning:- it also contains:-
In combination this material is the most comprehensive source of information on ornamental turning to be published in the last 100 years.

You can use the Index just like a normal book index but, with the additional feature that you can click any entry to jump immediately to that selection. You can use ©Adobe Acrobat's full-text search capability to look for any word or phrase (or combination of two words or phrases) appearing anywhere in the entire bulletin set. You can also print any page or group of pages if you prefer not to read long sections from your computer screen.

The CD is available to MEMBERS ONLY directly from the Society of Ornamental Turners in England. Price &pounf;40 plus p&p.

NON MEMBERS who wish to purchase a copy of this or other products may wish to consider joining the Society
For more information contact the SOT via the one of the email addresses on the Homepage [click here to go there]

SOT CD of Photos from Bulls 1-60

Society of Ornamental Turners - Compact Disc II

The second Compact Disc is for the ©IBM PC and contains high quality copies of all of the known photographs from the first 60 Bulletins. The images, 200 in total, are supplied as high resolution ©Windows Bit Map format and, at slightly lower resolution, via a your own Browser from a listing. (The Gallery currently contains a number of the photographs from this CD)


This CD is available TO MEMBERS ONLY
For more information contact the SOT via the one of the email addresses on the Homepage [click here to go there] (Price is £7 plus p&p))

SOT CD bulls 99-109
Society of Ornamental Turners - Compact Disc III

The third Compact Disc is for the ©IBM PC and can be read via most ©Apple-Macs and contains ©Adobe pdf images of all pages of Bulletins 99 to 109. The Bulletins are searchable via their contents pages.
This CD is a joint effort by Peter Johnson and Harry Powell.

This CD is available TO MEMBERS ONLY
For more information contact the SOT Secretary via the email address on the Homepage [click here to go there] (Price is £20 plus p&p))

SOT CD  Bulls 110-124
Society of Ornamental Turners - Compact Disc IV

The fourth Compact Disc is for the ©IBM PC and can be read via most ©Apple-Macs and contains ©Adobe pdf images of all pages of Bulletins 110 to 124. The Bulletins are FULLY searchable (usng your ©Adobe Reader).
This CD is produced by Harry Powell from original Bulletin digital files supplied by the Editor.

This CD is available TO MEMBERS ONLY
For more information contact the SOT Secretary via the email address on the Homepage [click here to go there] (Price is &pounf;20 plus p&p))

SOT DVDs for Sale

With the demise of VHS likely in the near future the Society is offering only DVDs for sale. MAINLY TO MEMBERS BUT A FEW ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR NON-MEMBERS TO PURCHASE - SEE BELOW .

A list of DVDs currently for sale to members only is shown on the new "Members Only" web pages and is updated in Bulletin 123. Members wishing to purchase any of those listed should contact the SOT via the email address on this website's Homepage [click here to go there]

IMPORTANT NOTES on DVD and CD Formats and playability

Unless stated otherwise the DVDs are in UK PAL Format. They require either UK PAL or Multi-standard Domestic equipment (including TVs) to play them. They should play on most PCs with appropriate software. Where "Shot in available light and sound" is quoted this means that the recording was made without special lighting or audio facilities, e.g. during a presentation at a quarterly meeting. As such they will have audience and other background noise and the video brightness will be variable. Where possible copies of the presenters original slides have been overlaid on the original video to overcome the latter.
Audio CDs are in standard audio format (not mp3) and as such should play on most (even the earliest made) CD players, including those in PCs and they will play in some DVD players. Where "digitally re-mastered" is quoted the original sound (usually from old 3.5 inch per sec reel-to-reel tape recorders) has been treated to remove background hiss and noise. They are usually Mono.


For those on sale to NON-MEMBERS see below

A new DVD has just been published

In 2010 Bob Wade gave an outstanding presentation on the development and history of Geometric Chucks and there is now a 75 minutes DVD of this available to Members. It contains his talk and Mike Bainís interviews with those displaying a variety of these chucks, as well as a slideshow of photos by Harry Powell and Colin Jaques. Price is £5 plus packing and postage from the Membership Secretary, email address on the home page.

To see an approximately five minute long sample of this click on the play button below:

Note - this DVD is on sale to SOT Members Only


SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - The following CDs and DVDs are now offered to NON MEMBERS

COPYRIGHT NOTICE - All of the CDs and DVDs are Copyright Material and they should not be copied or used in your your work or presentations without the express permission of the SOT.

For more information contact the SOT via the one of the email addresses on the Homepage [click here to go there]

Audio CD - " Fred Howe on Woods, Part I - 1968" - This is a digitally re-mastered recording of a talk given by Fred Howe in 1968 on woods and their suitability for turning. Fred, a founder menber of the Society was an expert practitioner of OT and an entertaining presenter. Price GBP £5 plus P&P © SOT 2008
Audio CD - "Fred Howe on wood, Part 2 - 1969" In this 1969 talk Fred has made 86 platters in woods of the world and describes the turning properties. Price GBP £5 plus P&P . ©: SOT 2008
Video DVD - "Diamond Milling in the Jewellery Trade". Michael Windsor describes and demonstrates a high speed diamond mill designed for bright incisions in a variety of materials both in the flat and in cylindrical form. UK PAL Format only. Price GBP £6 plus P&P © SOT 2008

To see a brief sample of this video DVD click on the "Play" button in the image below. If you can't see an image you may have to enable active content in your browser's security settings or in the warning bar in Internet Explorer.(e.g. Click to allow blocked content; then click "View" - "Refresh" )

Video DVD - "Screwcutting a Holtzapffel chuck adapter (9.45 tpi)" - Michael Bain demonstrates in detail the setting up and cutting of internal and external thread adapters to enable transfers between ancient (usually having 9.45 t.p.i. threads) and modern lathes. UK PAL Format only. Price GBP £6 plus P&P © SOT 2008

If you would like a copy CHECK AVAILABILITY via the emails links on the homepage [click here to go there]

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The Bulletin - Index

There is a full index to Bulletins 1 to 97 on the SOT Compact Disc I and for Bulletins 98 to 109 on SOT Compact Disc III. For your convenience we have made available from this page the contents list to Bulletins [98] , [99] , [100], [101], [102] , [103] , [104] , [105] , [106], [107] , [108] , [109] , [110] , [111] , [112] , [113] , [114] ,[115] , [116] , [117] , [118] , [119] , [120] , [121] , [122] and [123]

Remember that the whole of bulletins 99 to 109 is now available on the Society's latest CD

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