Past Meetings

Meetings in 2013

  • 2nd February 2013Jean-Claude Charpignon Demonstration: "A 12 Point Star in a 20mm Sphere"
  • 11th May 2013Mike Bain Video presentation: "Making and Sharpening O.T. cutting tools"
  • 6th July 2013Paul Coker Presentation on Improvised Techniques
  • 26th October 2013 (AGM)Jeremy Soulsby Presentation: "The Wassail Bowl - History & Construction"

Meetings in 2014

  • 15th FebruaryStuart King Presentation on the history of woodturning
  • 10th MayJean-Claude Charpignon Demonstration of elliptical turning
  • 5th JulyDavid Wood-Heath – Engine Turning talk
  • 25th October (AGM)Nick Edwards Presentation on A.K.Nartov

Meetings in 2015

  • 14th Feb 2015 David Wood-Heath and Phil Bedford "Straight Line Engine demonstration" (postponed from 2014)
  • 9th May 2015 Jean Claude Charpignon demonstration turning a box inside a sphere
  • 4th July 2015 Nick Philippe “Jewellery and Watch Making and Repair”
  • 14th November 2015 Phil Bedford – Straight Line Engine Turning demonstration

Meetings in 2016

  • 13 February, talk by Stuart King, “Reflections on Bill Jones”
  • 21 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, “Making a rose engine lathe”
  • 2 July, Bob Wade, “Using the geometric chuck”
  • 12 November, AGM, Michael Wright “Antikythera mechanism”
  • Meetings in 2017

    • 11 February, talk by Nick Edwards, “Unorthodox ornamental turning”
    • 20 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, “Work from 2003 to date”
    • 1 July, Tony Cliffe, “Using a conventional woodturning lathe for OT”
    • 11 November, AGM, John Bourke “Milnes Lathes”

    Meetings in 2018

    • 17 February, presentation by John Bourke, “Milnes Lathes”
    • 19 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, presentation on his latest home made rose engine
    • 7 July, Mike Bain, “A private collection of Lathes and Equipment”
    • 3 November, AGM, Nick Edwards “History of R-A Lienhard & co. – Engine Turning Machine Manufacturers”

    Meetings in 2019

    • 9 February, Bob Wade, “The SOT Cutting Frame”
    • 18 May, Tony Cliffe, Holtz tool handles with an emphasis on finishing
    • 6 July, Nick Edwards “Bank Note Production using Geometric lathe”
    • 9 November, AGM, Jean-Claude Charpignon “Spherical Slide Rest” (presentation and demonstration)

    Meetings in 2020

    • February 15th, Gerry Marlow, “Heath-Robinson OT Work”
    • May 23rd, CANCELLED due to Coronavirus
    • July 4th, CANCELLED due to Coronavirus
    • November 7th, AGM, POSTPONED until 2021 due to Coronavirus

    Meetings in 2021